New Year’s Eve Escapades

To bring in 2016 I wanted to do something special with bae. We booked a trip months in advance to spend it together in Las Vegas and party like we had never done before. I booked us a huge suite at the Cosmopolitan and had the whole night planned out. Fancy dinner, clubbing, Jacuzzi, and this handy little pill that I saw online. Red Rockets were easy to hide since they look like a pack of gum so my girlfriend had no idea what I had in store for her. I was planning on unleashing the beast and giving her the ride of her life. Nothing like bringing New Year’s in with a bang!

We were finishing up our dinner and I popped one of the pills to get me ready for the night ahead. I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget if I got too HAM at the club; we were about to have the best night of the year.

I don’t want to sound cocky but my girl is a firecracker. Great ass, great rack, the whole package. She was wearing a sexy, low cut dress and looked stunning. I probably didn’t need the pills with the way she was looking but you know how it gets after a night of drinking! We leave dinner and head to the club and I can already feel my erection growing fierce! We get out of the limo and I’m trying to hide my raging wood as we approached the doors but there was no taming the beast!

The bouncers were sizing me up and cracking up, there was nothing I could do. We head into the club and my girl is starting to wonder what’s up so I just keep telling her how gorgeous she is. I order 6 shots hoping the booze will put the beast to sleep but it didn’t do a damn thing. I was in full beast mode and there was no stopping me now! We stayed until the countdown ended and then I took bae back to the room. She was feeling nice and I couldn’t wait any longer! I had no idea these little pills would make my little man rise higher than ever before! The night lasted forever… or until my girl couldn’t take it anymore. Mission accomplished.

I woke up the next morning after a few hours of sleep so we could check out and head home. I had no idea that after a full night of wild monkey sex that I would still have a huge wood! There was no taming king anaconda! I had to check out, go to the airport and fly home with a raging erection. I thought my jeans were gunna bust at the seams!

I looked at the flight attendant who was less than shy about staring, flashed her a wink and kissed my girl. Happy New Year, bitches!


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