I have a friend who sells this awesome new product, Red Rockets For Men. He told me it was an all natural male enhancement supplement, that it’s safe, and will be one of the best new products to hit the market. The packaging was bright, and bold, so naturally I was interested. Then there it was, a flaming red capsule in a little clear casing. I thought what the hay? Give it a try? Why not! So I purchased one, and after a long days work, I saddled up and headed home to see my stallion of a wife. Dinner was almost ready, so I jumped in the shower to get all cleaned up for the wild night ahead me. I didn’t want her to suspect anything, so I ripped the little guy out of the package and swallowed it in the bathroom before I went to get changed.

She was waiting at the table with dinner ready, but before I sat down I swung into kitchen and poured us a couple of drinks. Gave her a kiss and we started eating. She could tell something was up, but she just didn’t know what. A full stomach and a few drinks later we were having a great time and then BAM!! It hit me like a raging bull! It was on! I grabbed my lass, threw her over my shoulder and headed to greener pastures. That night was probably the best sex of my life! It didn’t matter what I did! The bronco kept bucking and I can’t complain about that. We passed out and slept like babies.

Now the one thing I didn’t read on the label because I was so excited to try it, was that it CAN last up to 72 Hours. I work long days in construction on a site with 99.9% men. We work really hard on site and things can get pretty dusty and dirty at times. Well I tell you this, I ate lunch in my truck for the next two days!! I had this untamed rattlesnake darting through my pants and I was not about to walk around a site full of burly men with a hard on that strong. I must say there wasn’t a whole lot of eye contact going on, and I wore two pairs of underwear the second day to conceal the power beneath my pants. It was well worth it though, the sex was unreal every night. I’m pretty sure I’ll be expecting my first child sometime soon. Thank you Red Rockets For Men, he’s going be a champion for sure.



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